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Advice Regarding Lost and Found Pets

01/20/2016 by: Cyndi Hoon Donley

The staff at the VHS receive many calls each day regarding people finding an animal or losing their beloved pet. We want to help as many owners and pets as possible get reunited. The following is some advice that we regularly issue to our callers to assist them in doing all they can do to help a lost or found pet get returned to their family safely.

Accidents happen but PLEASE REMEMBER that prevention is the best way to avoid the heartache of losing a fuzzy family member.
*Keep up to date tags on your pet's collar AT ALL TIMES. A cell phone number is better than a home number.
*If you have a pet that loses its tags regularly, write the information on the pet's collar in permanent ink where a finder can see it and read it right away.
*Use a quick release type collar for cats.
*Have your pets microchipped (only $25 at the VHS vaccine clinic on Saturday mornings from 8am - noon). This can be a lifesaver if you have a pet that is prone to losing its collar.
*Don't leave your pets in your fenced in yard unsupervised while you go to work or sleep. They could become the victim of theft or cruel intentions.
*Don't let your pets wander. They could be hit by a car, stolen, poisoned, shot, etc. This is also against the law in the Evansville city limits.
*Don't tether/chain your pet in your yard unsupervised. This is very dangerous and could lead to strangulation or theft. Using tethering/chaining as your primary means of containment for your pet is also against the law in the city of Evansville.

Keeping pets indoors while you are away is best. Please contact the staff at the VHS if you need information on how to crate-train a dog.

FOUND - Helpful advice to reunite a found animal with its owner
• Take a found pet to an animal control, a humane society, or vet to scan for a microchip. This is a FREE service.
• Post a 2 line found pet ad in the Evansville Courier & Press for free for 3 days in the paper. They will post it online for you also

LOST - Helpful advice if you have lost a pet
• Physically go check Animal Care and Control for a lost pet every day
• Call or check surrounding county’s animal controls and humane societies

BOTH - Call and place a detailed lost or found report with the Vanderburgh Humane Society
1. Pet’s name if you have lost a pet
2. Breed, color and any details to help identify (i.e.: scars, fur length, hair loss, etc.)
3. Approximate age and sex (check if spayed/neutered or not)
4. Collar, tags, or tattoos
5. Location where pet was lost or found
6. Your contact information
• Post flyers around your neighborhood, major intersections, stores, gas stations, veterinarians, grooming salons, and pet shops
• Notify your mailman and meter reader so they can be on the lookout as they go from home to home. Tell your neighbors
• “Tag” (washable neon paint on back/side window) your car with your lost pet’s information. Your vehicle is a moving billboard to help notify people to watch for your pet. For example: LOST GOLDEN – CALL 555-5555 – REWARD for RETURN
• Post a Lost/Found Ad in the newspaper and online. (Give minimal details on a found animal. A potential owner should offer details regarding their pet and proof of ownership when they call)
• Post on Facebook’s Evansvillelostpets
• Post on Lost and Found Pet sites. Beware: Don’t post any animals on Craig’s List
o www.missingpets.com
o www.fidofinder.com
o www.returnmypet.com
o www.findtoto.com

A great website with advice on finding lost pets, particularly cats www.missingpetpartnership.org

Please follow the above advice and help keep lost pets out of our shelters so we have more room for owner surrendered animals. Let's keep pets safe at home where they belong!

2017 Shelter Statistics:

Surrenders 1312
Live Release 878
       Adoptions 768
       Rescues 110
Euthanized 85
Animals Altered
Since July 30, 2007
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